Review Policy

First and foremost, thank you for considering this book blog, Bookalicious, to read, review and promote your book.

I’m currently accepting reading material to review and/or promote but before you contact me, please read my review policy in order to avoid wasting time.

What do I accept?

I primarily enjoy reading YA fiction – which covers most branches of the category – however I will accept a selected range of chic-lit, horror (only mild themes) and crime novels. Nevertheless, I won’t consider reading (nor reviewing) erotica, religious or non-fictional literature.

Please note; if you contact me regarding a book that does not spark my interest, I will not respond.

If I receive a book obliging to my guidelines, and read it, I will have made time to write an honest review within the month of finishing it. Nonetheless, if I do not finish your book, the only thing I can guarantee is that I will have considered writing a DNF review.

Due to a busy schedule, I am also limited to the amount of titles I read and therefore, reviews I write. If your book doesn’t abide by my guidelines, I won’t read it and if I am too busy, I won’t read it until a later date.

If your book’s review is required to be posted before a certain date, please mention that when contacting me. I will attempt to make the right amount of time required to read and thoroughly review the book, but sometimes it just won’t be possible.


I prefer to read a hardcopy version of your book, but if it’s not available, I don’t mind reading an eBook version – please be mindful of the fact that hardcopies have first priority.

When the novel is part of a series – that I haven’t already read – I would like to receive the previous stories just so that I can get a feel for the characters (and of course, know what’s happening). If these are definitely unavailable, notes on the plot will be needed to give you a well-written review. Again, these books are not at the top of my priorities.

Where is the Review Posted?

Typically, my reviews are published on my blog and GoodReads. In order to balance my blogging with my everyday life, I avoid sharing my opinions with too many websites, however, upon request, I will submit it to Amazon and the book’s author’s corner of the internet.

Contact Me

If you’re still interested in having me read and review your novel, please contact me via eMail at:

with the following information:

  • Book Title
  • Author’s Name (and picture if available)
  • A High-Definition Cover Image (JPEG format, if possible)
  • A Short Synopsis
  • Series Information (when applicable)
  • Publication Details
  • Release Date

And if you have any inquiries please contact me using the contact page or eMail me through the following eMail:

Thank you!

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