BtM Trailer Review: Insurgent

Hello! Despite being a book-obsessed fangirl, I do enjoy watch a lot of movies – especially those based off of books. Divergent was one of the first Dystopian-future-styled books that I read, and now that it’s sequel is becoming a movie, you can imagine how excited I am.

To celebrate my happiness, I’ve written a ‘review’ of the trailer, and my initial thoughts on the movie.


Here they are: 

Hmm… It’s a bit harsh on my behalf to be judging a movie (that’s not yet been released) via it’s trailer and book. Besides, the first book-to-movie adaptation was brilliant, in my opinion!

A few people have watched the Insurgent film trailers (Official & Superbowl) and commented saying things along the lines of, “I honestly believe that I read the wrong book.” Personally, I only partially agree with this statement. Despite the fact that the two trailers feature this amazing ‘box’, of which no one has ever heard of, I think that it was necessary to change the execution of Insurgent, just so that the trilogy’s movie adaptations kept the movies’ plot headed in the right direction.

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